sapphire and faded jeans
7/15/14 ☾☮☽ A Fresh Start.

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m Shelly. I’m 18 and a tech college student studying marketing. I love Writing, The Beatles, traveling, Disney, cult-classic movies, fashion, and history.  To describe my personality in a nutshell, I’m pretty shy, a little awkward, kind of eccentric, sort of bubbly and very dorky. 

-That is me. I feel like I’ve lost touch with myself on my main tumblr blog. When I first started tumblr, I posted things that I thought represented myself. Everything I put on my blog had a place and a purpose because I was being 100% real and genuine with myself. But I think my blog has became a very generic tumblr blog these days (well, when I say “generic” I mean my blog has almost became identical to an ‘indie/bambi’ blog). Nothing really represents me anymore. Not that I don’t adore those blogs or anything, because I do! And I still very much like the things I post, but it didn’t feel real. Like it’s all very cookie-cutter and color-scheme now.  Like, why do I need 20 photos of girls shopping at Acne or Chanel? These blogs are a dime-a-dozin these days. I don’t want to try too hard anymore, because obviously that’s what I have been doing. With this new blog I’m not trying to be unique, but I’m not trying to be anyone else either. I miss coming across as genuine and even kind of original and creative. My blog fell into a category that is literally like everyone else’s blog. I want there to be a reason behind every post on this blog. I want you to really learn about who I am though this blog. Isn’t that want having a tumblr about?

When I think about it, all my favorite blogs are very unique. All their post tell a story of who they are and where they came from. I can kind of tell what they are like in person. There is no hiding behind a label or persona. You can tell what there aesthetics are. You can see what their hopes and dreams and plans are. I want to be a tumblr blogger like that. 

And on this blog, I’m taking ‘personal tumblr blogging’ to a whole new level filled with personal photography and videos and poetry. I want to share me with you. No more hiding behind cookie-cutter labeled blogs and pretend internet persona’s. Meet me for once. 

With Love,